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PS527: Learners Today, Leaders Tomorrow
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Michelle Amato, Principal

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  Michelle Amato, Principal
Ps 527 Parent Teacher Association
Lauren Palmiere
Third Grade Teacher
Lauren Palmiere

Lauren Palmiere was born and raised in Eastchester, New York in Westchester County. Ever since she can remember she wanted to become a teacher. Throughout high school, Lauren worked as a camp counselor and art director at a country club in Greenwich, Connecticut. After high school, Lauren attended Marist College in Poughkeepsie, NY to pursue her dream. Throughout her 4 years at Marist College, Lauren participated in a Duel Degree Program where she received a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology as well as two teaching certifications, general education and special education. While attending college, Lauren participated in school clubs where she was given opportunities to interact with students in need.

After graduating Marist College in 2013, Lauren began graduate school in the fall to earn a Masters Degree in Literacy Studies. She wanted to learn more about how children learn to read and what strategies can be used when learning literacy. In May 2016 Lauren received her Masters Degree in Literacy Studies and looks forward to using this degree to help her students. In the fall of 2013, Lauren also began her teaching career at PS 008 in the Bronx.

At PS 008 Lauren taught 4th grade, in a self-contained environment. This opportunity has provided Lauren with the chance to learn how to specify objectives to children’s needs in order to help them reach their potential. Here she has taught mathematics, reading, writing, social studies and science to students with various needs and abilities. As a part of the self-contained environment, Lauren took the 4th Grade Common Core Standards and curriculum and created her own strategies and tools to help her students meet these standards. As a result, Lauren has witnessed many of her students, ranging with various needs and disabilities, succeed in ways they never thought they could. At PS 008 Lauren took on many extra roles as a grade facilitator where she led grade inquiry work, curriculum mapping, writing and implementing IEPs (Individual Education Plans) and participated in extra educational opportunities for her students, such as Saturday School Programs.

Lauren values all of her children’s educations and wants everyone to reach their goals and dreams in and outside the classroom. Lauren loved her first two years at PS 527 and learned so much from her students and colleagues. She eagerly looks forward to another great year in Third Grade!

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