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Michelle Amato, Principal

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  Michelle Amato, Principal
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M. Mia Mastrangelo
RtI Teacher
M. Mia Mastrangelo

Music, art, and culturally rich experiences have always been a part of Mia's life. Mia's mother spent a great deal of time with her and her sister singing, dancing, making art, performing plays, visiting museums, and helping to develop in them a love and appreciation for the arts and education. Her parents encouraged and supported her interests including piano, ballet, art, swim team and lifeguarding, and eventually majoring in cello pedagogy at the University of Connecticut. Mia always knew that she wanted to make music and art with young children much the same as her mother had done with her. She chose to focus on pedagogy rather than education because she wanted to learn more about the study of teaching, not just learn how to teach. She wanted to learn how to help each child realize their greatest potential.

After graduating from UConn, Mia became certified as a Suzuki cello teacher. She fell in love with the philosophy, specifically that all children can learn and are born with ability, and that age-appropriate, individualized learning should take place in an environment filled with love and respect. She wished for a place where all subjects, not just music instruction, were approached this way. After teaching cello, violin, piano, and Music Together in Connecticut and New Jersey, Mia became certified as a Montessori teacher. The curriculum and philosophy were exactly what she had been searching for. She was fortunate to have many excellent Montessori mentors and has loved being a part of this community.

Mia continues to teach cello and remains active in the Montessori community as a classroom consultant, teacher mentor, and member of the American Montessori Society's executive Peace Committee. She has presented workshops at schools and conferences that focus on practical ways to build a peace curriculum as well as incorporating the study of biomes into the geography curriculum. Mia believes that for children to become useful citizens of the universe and to help create a peaceful world, it is essential for them to develop a sense of inner peace and respect for each other and the earth from a very early age, and that it is our responsibility as teachers to guide them.

In May 2017, Mia received a Master's degree in Early Childhood and Special Education at Concordia College. As part of her studies, she needed to work with children with additional needs. Parents of former students suggested she visit PS 527 where their children were enrolled. Mia was amazed at the loving, respectful, and inclusive environment she was welcomed into. It could not have been a better introduction to the elementary grades and to public school. She loved each day of her student teaching experience with Ms. Lauren in second grade and is very excited to be a part of the PS 527 community.

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